We currently need volunteers to:

  • Provide childcare at groups and trainings

  • Take part in our June 1st Community Volunteer Day (Bring your Family)

  • Assist in facilitating our Women Empowerment Support Group


Applications may be turned in, in person at either office, may be mailed to 126 N. 5th St. Douglas, WY 82633, or emailed to info@conversehope.org


Direct Service Volunteers

24/7 HOPE Line:

24/7 HOPE line volunteers are not required to be in the office during business hours. The shifts are flexible and do not overlap with normal business hours. As a HOPE line volunteer, you will assist survivors via telephone and respond to calls requiring in person assistance (response in person will always be done in pairs).


On occasion we need to utilize interpreters to carry on conversation with clients or clients’ family, to review literature in different languages, to translate literature into different languages, and to help with other needs as language barriers present themselves.


Converse Hope Center is in the process of creating a mentoring program that would allow volunteers to assist survivors on a more personal level. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please let us know, but the program is not yet up and running.

All direct service volunteers for the Converse Hope Center are required to

  • Complete 40 hours of training provided by the Converse Hope Center (free and partially online)

  • Submit a background check

  • Submit three character references

  • Adhere to all confidentiality policies at all times

  • Attend additional training on a yearly basis

  • Communicate with staff on a regular basis

Skill Based Volunteers

General Volunteer:

We need volunteers to do general maintenance, office work, cleaning and moving, carpentry, yard work and many other tasks for our clients as well as the Converse Hope Center offices. Needs change regularly, are relatively sporadic, and are short projects generally only lasting for a few hours.

Event Volunteer:

Converse Hope Center has a great need for help during our various events.

Some events pertain to raising awareness and teaching prevention. Volunteers could be present to help set up, work, clean up, or present. Volunteers could also be involved in the planning stages and preparation if they would like.

Our other events are fundraisers. We need all the help we can get when it comes to donation requests, planning events, distributing flyers, setting up, working at the event, or cleaning up the events.

Vehicle MAINTENANCE Volunteer:

Transportation is one of the most difficult hurdles for survivors to overcome. Converse Hope Center can generally afford parts, but cannot always afford the cost of labor. We are always on the lookout for volunteers who would be willing to help with vehicle maintenance for CHC and clients, to teach our clients about vehicle maintenance and how to do their own vehicle maintenance.

Skills based volunteers include, but are not limited to, those listed above.

Sometimes CHC could benefit from a graphic designer, marketing skills, self defense training, counselors, legal services, child care services and the list goes on and on. If you have a skill you would like to share with CHC and our clients, please let us know!

All Skill based volunteers for the Converse Hope Center are required to:

  • Adhere to a strict confidentiality agreement

  • Attend any meetings or training relevant to the volunteered for events or projects

  • Provide a skill set description and pertinent experience (this makes sure we match you to work you’ll actually enjoy doing. Experience does not always have to be professional.)

  • Provide two experience related references

  • Communicate with staff on a regular basis concerning ideas, projects, etc.

Pet Foster Volunteer

Fostering services are occasionally needed for dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, horses, goats, chickens, fish, reptiles etc. CHC will pay for food and veterinary expenses. Before fostering begins, all parties would agree to certain stipulations.

All pet foster volunteers are required to:

  • Adhere to a strict confidentiality agreement

  • Exhibit ability and desire to properly care for animals

  • Provide proof of home ownership or clearance from a landlord to house animals

  • Provide two character references

  • Communicate with staff on a regular basis concerning the well being of and questions regarding animals

Family Volunteering Opportunities

You don’t have to be over 18 to volunteer with the Converse Hope Center. While we do have general volunteer opportunities for youth by themselves, we would love to see you all volunteer as a family! Time spent volunteering together strengthens families, the giving spirit in our youth, and helps build better communities. Our AmeriCorps Members have begun putting together yearly family volunteering events. Last year, they brought families together to paint a mural in recognition of Patriot Day and International Day of Peace.

This year we are offering a Family Community Clean-up day in honor of National Join Hands Day, which encourages families and individuals to work together to bridge the gap between generations.

Family Cleanup image.jpg