Have you ever desired

to tell your story, but never knew who to tell it to or how to tell it? Have you ever been right on the cusp of spewing it all, only to stop yourself and say, “what will it help?”

It turns out, whether it’s good news or major adversity, there are some major psychological and emotional advantages to sharing your story with others.

This is your platform to share so you can gain these benefits. We offer a safe space to tell your story, openly or anonymously.

We will use snippets from these stories to create awareness posters, because while telling your story can help you, it can also help others release their pain as well. We will be sure to keep all anonymity when doing this.


Benefits of Sharing

Find your own voice – It can be hard to express yourself in a way that makes sense while also sounding like yourself. Psychologists say that it helps to create a story of your life, with a beginning, middle, and end. Random events and devastating experiences then become part of the journey to where you are going, rather than defining you. By organizing your thoughts and putting them in order, you can feel a sense of control over the events in your story and remember more details.

Remember your values and set goals – The act of sharing your story in some way provides perspective and perhaps a reminder of what’s truly important to you. Maybe you’re getting bogged down in small details and forgetting about taking steps toward your long-range goals and dreams. Telling your story in a big-picture way can help you remember what’s most important to you.

Give others hope – Telling your story can be part of your healing process, and it becomes even more powerful when you realize how much your story can help others. People often feel lost and alone when they are going through a difficult situation. Hearing that someone experienced something similar and was able to grow in some way can provide the hope that someone might desperately need.

Find your hope and peace – Finding your voice, keeping perspective, and giving hope to others will create a sense of resilience for you. It’s much easier to feel at peace once you’ve achieved those things. Remember that sharing your story is part of a process, and this process will build hope and a feeling that everything will be okay in the long run.